Isnin, 16 Jun 2008

Why duOne_sTarz??

OOO.. duOne_sTarz actually is my trademark. I used this tag name since form 5. Until now, no one know where i got this attractive and intelligence trademark (puji diri sendiri la tu...) because i let it to be my secrect.:0

When people ask where i got it, i did not answer it.So they are assumed that i take it from reality show "Gang_starz".Oopss.. sorry. Your answer absolutely wrong. Actually "Gang_starz" take from my trademark.ok? (poyo aje):).

Actually, my classmates call me as a "duan" and also "duang"( sbb saya asal org Trg).Sometimes they call me as "duey" especially my friends from Kelantan. (nok wat guano,kawe dop boleh sebut gitu).sob3...Luckly when there are from others state, they call me as "wan".(manja sikit) ;)

So, to all my beloved friends, the answer is:

duone = du+one
= du+1


Starz = taken from magazine Gempak_starz

at the end,when i combined both single word,here we are go... duOne_sTarz.;)

P/s: dont copy my trademark.;)

dont jealous because it will make ur sick.he3

5 ulasan:

  1. duan is your name right??

    riduan? ridhuan? full name sounds better. thehehehe...

    but duan is shorter. senang nak panggil.

  2. people call me as duan actuall.depends la...
    my full name = ridhwan.
    did u know the meaning "ridhwan"??

    kesetiaan ;)

  3. Pergh..
    gamba nye..
    aduih..manisnye die..

  4. manis macam gula...rm 1.50 aje sekilo..hehe

  5. blackmagicwoman24 Jun 2008 12:21 PG

    bukan penjaga pintu syurga ke