Ahad, 20 Julai 2008

Anwar debate....

Just like Tun Mahadthir said in his blog, im totally agree with his opinion.

1. I must congratulate the Government of Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi for allowing the debate between the Opposition and the Government, specifically between Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Dato Shabery Cheek.

2. It was not an even match. Shabery is far too inexperienced in a field that Anwar excels i.e. talking. The subject naturally puts the Government on the defensive.

3. Shabery's reference to what Anwar said about me in the past undermined Anwar's credibility somewhat. But it was obvious that Shabery was nervous.


1) Kena cari menteri yg hebat lagi kalu nk kalahkan Anwar ckp.

2) Bila erk minyak nk turun ini...???

3) amat penat membonceng motor dari Kuala Terengganu ke Kuantan.;(

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