Isnin, 23 Jun 2008

another borink day.... Euro predictions...

hello everybody...after Italy vs Spain game, im feel russia can attempt to final based on their performance on Holi Holi Holland 2 day ago. There are 4 team; Germany, Turkey, Russia and Spain have chances to be King of Euro at the end of tournoment.

Germany vs Turkey

For this game, Germany get better chance to go next level. I hope also. :) but if ur see all Germany games in this tournoment, ur must hope that Mr. Ballack will perform.If not, sayonara Germany. First time in semifinal for this euro campaign, congratulations Turkey.:) Why Turkey able to be semifinalist? Their have strenght to win. You look at Crotia and Chech games. Should i tell more??? so lucky la got 1-2 goal at the end of game.

My prediction: germany 2-1 Turkey

Russia vs Spain

Russia got Hiddick and Spain have Villa. What a game? Tactically Hiddick is better. Based on my on eye, Hiddick change Russia to be more attacking team. Paclychenko and Asavin hav their job in front. Even the defend Russia look very weak than Spain, i think Hiddick have idea to stop Villa.For Spain, you must perform.That's all. :)

My prediction: Russia 2-3Spain ( payah la nk predict game nie..:( )

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